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New look,, what's up and rants - 舞い上がれ! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tagai no hane no itami kanji te iru Sora o Miru

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New look,, what's up and rants [Dec. 23rd, 200609:37 pm]
Sai (Melissa メリツサ)
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Eh, well it's been a while since i've said anything so i'll give the lowdown lately.


First off, my journal is getting a new look for the new year ahead since it's been a good boy. So this is journal vers. ...whatever - MEGATOKYO!::Piro kun::. Livejournal isn't the only thing with a MT look, my MySpace has a similar layout i've made.


It's the 22nd and i'm STILL not done making Christmas presents (I should finish tonight). It's so sad how I procrastinate especially with sewing projects. I still have bought presents I need to wrap also...in 1 3/4 days ^,^;. Oh I'm going to the "special" hell on the special bus for this one.


I'm ecstatic that in one week the one person I hate at work will be gone, but with all good things come the bad. In addition to Kevin leaving (and there was much rejoicing...yaaay) I've heard stories about our new store manager who apparently -mind you has only worked in my store 2 days so far- is not a nice/reasonable person. Hopefully it'll all be good if Kevin's replacement is..well....nice (everything he isn't).


Well that's about it for now, my next rant will be about my presents stay tuned same internet connection - same LJ channel.