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A couple of little things... - 舞い上がれ! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tagai no hane no itami kanji te iru Sora o Miru

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A couple of little things... [Sep. 21st, 200607:25 pm]
Sai (Melissa メリツサ)
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Well I finally got around to sending some video of my assistant manager getting dunked from my phone to my computer so I could free up some memory I only kept the best 3 clips.

I also just bought Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony today I'm really hoping it was worth the wait. I love that boy genius.
Hot Topic is getting back on my good side with their restocking of anime merchandise I was surprised to find 2 silver necklaces one of Kirara and the other from Fullmetal with the State Alchemist logo on it also the Kagome backpack i've been admiring was half off WAII~ what a beautiful thing!

I've seen the song list for DDR Supernova 0_0 -drool- now THAT'S something I'd camp out at in front of a store for. It's basically a combination of songs from all the previous DDR's (American AND Japanese) with very few new songs. Now that's my dream game.

Later i'm going to give my hand a try at peppermint fudge for the holidays and hopefully it'll turn out something like I imagine.

^ __ ^;
O \/ O   ぴかちゅ~! Pika Pi