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Pokemon Diamond!!! [Jan. 8th, 200711:17 pm]
Sai (Melissa メリツサ)
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So I started playing my Pokemon Diamond import and got pretty far into the game and when I went to save my progress....I couldn't, so after starting over and over I finally looked it up and apparently to start a new game I had to delete the old save file by pressing a combination of buttons at the main screen...stupid ne?

My trainer name is きみこ (Kimiko) and my rival is パイロ(Piro) Yes, I love my Megatokyo as you see.

Anyway I chose Hikozaru the fire starter (...yes, yes...the monkey one). I originally wanted Pochama, the penguin but according to how they all fight Naetoru being grass is so-so through the game, Pochama is only effective when he evolves to Enperuto(final stage) because of the part steel type, so Hikozaru was the best choice being strong in all forms.

I LOVE the graphics..the fist pokemon for "game boy" that has 3D graphics the houses look so awesome.

I can't wait for the games to come out in the states for everyone to play...I might just get an american one too since I can't trade from all my other games to Diamond....damn that no regional trading rule.