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Tagai no hane no itami kanji te iru Sora o Miru

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even newer update [Sep. 15th, 200601:38 am]
Sai (Melissa メリツサ)
[所在の確認ですか? |bed]
[気持ちですカ? |draineddrained]
[歌ですカ? |L'Arc~en~Ciel - Jiyuu e no Shoutai]

First it was the background that changed......now the rest of the layout has changed too. It took a good while to find a stylesheet I liked...because i'm finicky like that :p and then the Kanji input for everything whhhhy do I like the look of kanji on everything....when will I learn to stop >_<. Anyway I DID change the main title of my journal to "Maiagare!" and added the "Tagai no Hane.." to "Sora o Miru" in the subtitle section because I say if you can't make the font smaller...make the title smaller.