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Wow, an update - and you all thought I died [May. 3rd, 200707:00 pm]
Sai (Melissa メリツサ)
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It's been a long time since I've come on here not many of my friends are posting here it's mostly groups so I din't usually come on here except to clear messages.

Anyway I thought I'd update a little since some people still come on. First off I started my small little buisness Darkly Cute Creations The page still needs a major overhaul but roughly I make cosplay hats...mainly pokemon but i'm sure I could do any type. When I figure out how to make it work i'll elaborate on it more.

The thing i'm most excited about Fall Out Boy is coming around and i'm going!-to be feet away from the stage!!! The only american group I can stand because of their emo/love tragedy style and I get to see them...all that's left before I die happy is go to japan and see V6 perform.

I'm still holding my crap job and dealing nicely so I think i'm doing ok.

Pokemon Diamond!!! [Jan. 8th, 200711:17 pm]
Sai (Melissa メリツサ)
[気持ちですカ? |relaxedrelaxed]
[歌ですカ? |BON'z - Arigatou]

So I started playing my Pokemon Diamond import and got pretty far into the game and when I went to save my progress....I couldn't, so after starting over and over I finally looked it up and apparently to start a new game I had to delete the old save file by pressing a combination of buttons at the main screen...stupid ne?

My trainer name is きみこ (Kimiko) and my rival is パイロ(Piro) Yes, I love my Megatokyo as you see.

Anyway I chose Hikozaru the fire starter (...yes, yes...the monkey one). I originally wanted Pochama, the penguin but according to how they all fight Naetoru being grass is so-so through the game, Pochama is only effective when he evolves to Enperuto(final stage) because of the part steel type, so Hikozaru was the best choice being strong in all forms.

I LOVE the graphics..the fist pokemon for "game boy" that has 3D graphics the houses look so awesome.

I can't wait for the games to come out in the states for everyone to play...I might just get an american one too since I can't trade from all my other games to Diamond....damn that no regional trading rule.

New look,, what's up and rants [Dec. 23rd, 200609:37 pm]
Sai (Melissa メリツサ)
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Eh, well it's been a while since i've said anything so i'll give the lowdown lately.


First off, my journal is getting a new look for the new year ahead since it's been a good boy. So this is journal vers. ...whatever - MEGATOKYO!::Piro kun::. Livejournal isn't the only thing with a MT look, my MySpace has a similar layout i've made.


It's the 22nd and i'm STILL not done making Christmas presents (I should finish tonight). It's so sad how I procrastinate especially with sewing projects. I still have bought presents I need to wrap also...in 1 3/4 days ^,^;. Oh I'm going to the "special" hell on the special bus for this one.


I'm ecstatic that in one week the one person I hate at work will be gone, but with all good things come the bad. In addition to Kevin leaving (and there was much rejoicing...yaaay) I've heard stories about our new store manager who apparently -mind you has only worked in my store 2 days so far- is not a nice/reasonable person. Hopefully it'll all be good if Kevin's replacement is..well....nice (everything he isn't).


Well that's about it for now, my next rant will be about my presents stay tuned same internet connection - same LJ channel.

Tadaima....more or less. [Nov. 27th, 200609:58 pm]
Sai (Melissa メリツサ)
[気持ちですカ? |blahblah]
[歌ですカ? |Jonas Brothers - What I go to school for]

Well due to loss of phone I was gone for a while but i'm back now and as usual nothing has really changed.

I'm still currently looking into an Elfwood.com account. I even went to the length of downloading gimp, a program that Ryan used to use when he would scan my pictures, fix and color them, then give me a displayed copy. So I know the quality of the program is good.

A couple of little things... [Sep. 21st, 200607:25 pm]
Sai (Melissa メリツサ)
[所在の確認ですか? |Lost in Wonderland ^^]
[気持ちですカ? |giddygiddy]
[歌ですカ? |Ouran HS Host Club - Shimauma no Yoru]

Well I finally got around to sending some video of my assistant manager getting dunked from my phone to my computer so I could free up some memory I only kept the best 3 clips.

I also just bought Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony today I'm really hoping it was worth the wait. I love that boy genius.
Hot Topic is getting back on my good side with their restocking of anime merchandise I was surprised to find 2 silver necklaces one of Kirara and the other from Fullmetal with the State Alchemist logo on it also the Kagome backpack i've been admiring was half off WAII~ what a beautiful thing!

I've seen the song list for DDR Supernova 0_0 -drool- now THAT'S something I'd camp out at in front of a store for. It's basically a combination of songs from all the previous DDR's (American AND Japanese) with very few new songs. Now that's my dream game.

Later i'm going to give my hand a try at peppermint fudge for the holidays and hopefully it'll turn out something like I imagine.

^ __ ^;
O \/ O   ぴかちゅ~! Pika Pi

even newer update [Sep. 15th, 200601:38 am]
Sai (Melissa メリツサ)
[所在の確認ですか? |bed]
[気持ちですカ? |draineddrained]
[歌ですカ? |L'Arc~en~Ciel - Jiyuu e no Shoutai]

First it was the background that changed......now the rest of the layout has changed too. It took a good while to find a stylesheet I liked...because i'm finicky like that :p and then the Kanji input for everything whhhhy do I like the look of kanji on everything....when will I learn to stop >_<. Anyway I DID change the main title of my journal to "Maiagare!" and added the "Tagai no Hane.." to "Sora o Miru" in the subtitle section because I say if you can't make the font smaller...make the title smaller.

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